In South Africa today, water shortage is a massive and extremely concerning issue. Because of our country’s massive water shortage and strict water restrictions, it is of great importance that we save water in any way we can. This means that, if you notice a possible leak in your premises’ water system, you should contact a professional leak detection and plumbing company as soon as possible.


The Leak Detection Company is a team of specialists in the detection of water leaks in both domestic homes and commercial buildings. We offer our clients comprehensive water leak detection and repair services.


Some leaks are easier to locate than others. A shower tap or kitchen tap leak is superficial and easy to detect, while a leak in a pipe located inside a building’s structure is much more difficult to find and repair without destroying parts of the building in question. The team at The Leak Detection Company uses the very latest non-invasive leak detection technology available in the industry, allowing us to detect a leak quickly and effectively, regardless of where it is located.


The equipment we use to detect hidden leaks include the following:

Thermal imaging equipment

Specialised dyes

Audio Testing equipment

Pressure Testing equipment

Thermal imaging testing using an infrared camera is one of the latest technologies available in the field of leak detection. It is mainly used to detect hot water leaks, but can also be used to detect cold water leaks. It works by highlighting hot and cold surface areas on the screen of the infrared camera, enabling water leak detection professionals to easily locate water leaks. This method provides for an excellent, non-invasive way of locating leaks within building structures.

Another non-invasive method of testing for a leak, especially in porous shower floors and waste pipes, is to use specialised dyes. This method works by sealing off the area that is suspected to have a leak and pouring dyed water over it. If a leak is present, the dye in the water will get sucked into the leak, and will in so doing identify the location of the leak.

More often than not, when a pressurised water pipe has a leak, the leaking water flows out with some force, causing the pipe itself and the material surrounding it (ground, concrete, etc.) to emit vibrations. This is where audio testing equipment becomes particularly useful in the detection of leaks that are not visible to the eye. Audio testing equipment is specifically designed to pick up the slightest vibrations, helping us to detect a leak quickly, before more damage is done.

Due to the fact that a leak has the ability to change the hydraulics of a pipe over a period of time, it can also cause a change in the flow or pressure readings of a pipe. By using pressure testing equipment, we can monitor the flow or pressure of a specific pipe at any one point. Pressure testing serves as a simple yet effective method of detecting a leak.



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